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ENTO is a European Network of Training Organisations for Local and Regional Authorities from almost all of the 47 Council of Europe member States. ENTO is a "child" of the Council of Europe although it "grew up" into an independent organisation in January 1995 when it was registered in France.

ENTO is a non-profit making NGO. It is financed from membership fees, sponsorship from some of the member organisations. The Council of Europe also provides financial support to it. Member organisations also support ENTO through the provision of staff, equipment and resources.

The ENTO's office is in Strasbourg and from here the day-to-day administration is carried out.


Mission and objectives

Local and regional democracy is a pillar of democratic societies. It has been at the heart of the profound reforms that have been introduced over the last decade in many countries of Europe.

Democracy depends on the democratic values, as well as on the efficiency of officials at all levels.
Consequently, ENTO's mission is to promote democratic and effective governance by ensuring that the staff and elected representatives of local and regional authorities are well trained and qualified to carry out their responsibilities in a rapidly changing world.

ENTO seeks to fulfil its mission by initiating professional debates and exchanges of information and experiences on a wide array of the most important concerns facing local governments and training institutions working for them. In pursuing this mission ENTO also seeks to support the Council of Europe's and the European Union's work for better standards of public administration all over Europe. Special emphasis is made on ENTO's involvement in the assistance programmes carried out by these institutions for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Co-operation with training centres in these regions has been an important objective of ENTO's activities over the last decade.