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Annual General Meeting


ENTO General Assembly 2016


As usual when Pierre Petit and the Conseil régional de Formation (www.crf-wallonie.be) take the lead, ENTO Conference and General Assembly cannot be defined less than “marvellous”! 2016 ENTO Conference was a great opportunity to discover the wallonian system for vocational training. We had the chance to visit different sites of Le Forem (www.leforem.be), but also to discover the beautiful landscape of the Wallon Region and its capitol city, Namur.


Plans for the future


During 2016 General Assembly, Representatives of ENTO members had the chance to discuss of future plans for strenghtening cooperation and innovative approach in the field of training for local and regional authorities.


Specifically, Gert FIEGUTH (Germany) reported about the idea matured during the stay in Namur among some of ENTO members to develop a specific ERASMUS+ project which can allow ENTO members to improve their capacity to be key players in the field of training for local authorities. A specific topic that worth to be deepened is “citizens participation” .


Armine TUKHIKYAN (Armenia) reported about the new law on local democracy recently approved in Armenia and the need to involve young people, (elected or appointed in local governments, but also those who could be elected or appointed in the future) in training initiatives which allow them to get in touch with experiences coming from abroad. The participation to such initiative is expected to help them opening their minds and intimately sharing the values connected with local democracy and good local governance. Ms TUKHIKYAN supported the idea of developing a project which put ENTO members in the position of delivering such initiatives.


Giorgi MESKHIDZE (Georgia) added three other topics which would be worth a specific commitment by ENTO Members:a) Relations between Mayors and City councils; b)Public services benchmarks; c) Developing strategies for places that needs to change their traditional economic vocation.


Oleksandr MESHALKIN (Ukraine) suggested to focus attention also on the topic of tourism as a way for developing cities and places; tourism management and exchange of experience in such a field could be a critical issue on which ENTO members can develop specific training competences. He also added that exchange and study tours could be organized by ENTO members and offered as effective training initiatives.

The 28th General Meeting - 3 October 2015

Armenia hosted 28th General Assembly ENTO (European Network of Training Organizations), which took place in Yerevan at the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) office on 3 October 2015. ENTO members from Armenia, Belgium, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, and Switzerland participated in the General Assembly. The participants were informed about the annual activities and expenditures of the organization. The draft budget for the next year was presented. The EPF Armenia presented its activities including in the field of local governance, where they support monitoring of the reforms in public administration. The General Assembly considered the possibility of joining EPF to the ENTO as soon as EPF Armenia makes final decision and submits an application for membership to ENTO. Options were discussed about the location of the next General Assembly.   


Seminars on Good Governance


A new format of discussions of issues related to local and regional authorities was applied in Armenia by suggestion of the ENTO member the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development. The Urban Foundation organized two series of seminars in Gyumri and Yerevan on the topic of Good Governance.

The seminar in Gyumri, in the second largest city of Armenia, was supported by ALDA and was conducted at Armenian State University of Economics, Gyumri Branch and generated an unprecedented interest of the students. About 100 students participated in the seminar and actively discussed and presented their viewpoints on the concept and practices of Good Governance presented by ENTO experts.


While the audience of Gyumri seminar were students, Yerevan seminar audience were predominantly professors and staff of the Public Administration Academy (PAA) of Armenia including the Rector. After the presentations by ENTO and PAA on Good Governance and discussions, participants came to terms to draft a joint article on the topic.

Discover the pictures of the General Assembly : 


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The 27th General Meeting - 1- 3 October 2014

On October 3rd, 2014, the general meeting of the ENTO will take place itself in Belgium and will be organized by the Conseil regional de la Formation (CRF).

In addition to this general meeting, it seems to us interesting to carry out an extensive debate on the local civil services – or the public services – which exist in the members’ States of the ENTO. Through a comparative perspective, this debate will be also the place to look into the challenges with which these civil services are going through.

Concretely, our reflections will be organized over 3 days (October 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2014).

October 1st, 2014 : Discussions in plenary session.

The target audience of this day is large (approximately 150 participants), including agents of the civil service, various organizations on the ground, leading names in the field of politics, academic researchers, etc.
  • Axis I: The local civil services: international comparisons.

First, we will shed the light onvarious ENTO members’ States participating in the Conference, like: Germany, Croatia, France, Georgia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland … Through a training comparing between a series of states: their general structure and way of functioning, the local levels of power structure, the local agent and management training organization.

  • Axis II: The local civil services in Belgium: comparison between the Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia Regions.
Second, we will shed the light on the different organizations of the public training in Belgium with an overview of the way it is organized in the three regions of the Belgian state.

October 2nd, 2014: thematic workshops declined around 3 topics

Competences: validation of competences and the valorization of skills.

  • Workshop 1 - Management: Strategic Planning and its operationalization in the public sector: feasibility, relevance and impacts on the human resources management.

  • Workshop 2 – Assessment: ‘Training assessment: is it worth it?’
  • Workshop 3 - VAE: Integration of the Validation of acquired experience (VAE) in local and regional authorities in Wallonia? Challenges and requirements for achieving success.


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The General Assembly of ENTO took place on 4 – 6 November 2010 in Seville, Spain.

The events were organised with the co-operation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and the Instituto Andaluz de Administración Pública – IAAP

Election of the President of ENTO and of the Bureau
In 2010 General Assembly a new election of the President and of the Bureau will be held(see the rules of procedure for the election process).

You can download the GA Agenda and final list of candidates for the Bureau and President:

pdfENTO_2010_AgendaGA.pdf (19.75 kB)
pdfENTO_2010_Final_candidates_list.pdf (14.83 kB)

The 22nd Annual Seminar and General Assembly took place on 9 – 10 November 2009 in Strasbourg, France.

The events will be organised with the co-operation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

The theme of the Annual Seminar was Networking for Training

pdfthe draft agenda General Assembly
the draft programme
pdfthe registration form
pdfpractical information document
pdfleaflet for access to the Council of Europe

The 21st Annual Seminar and General Assembly of ENTO took place on 1 – 3 October 2008 in Brescia, Italy.

The events were organised together with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and the Province of Brescia. For more information: http://www.ento.org/brescia2008/

The 20th Annual Conference and General Assembly of ENTO took place on 26 -28 September 2007 in St.Petersburg, Russian Federation.

The events were organised together with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and North-West Academy of Public Administration.